My Kennel logo and my 2 first Keeshond :D
CIB NORD UCH DKW-13 Dungens Kosmic Love " Kossi " and NORD UCH DKW-13 NW-15 NORDV-14 Dungens Never Ending Dream " Zanto " <3

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Welcome to Kennel Cosmic Dream! Vill


Breeder of keeshond !

I live in a place called Varhaug in Hå . About 1 hour from Stavanger. 2766 inhabitants January 1, 2011.

I move into my new house 1 September 2012 over 3 floors living area and has plenty of walk areas around the doors. 10 min to the mountains and 15 min for large sandy beaches. Synesvarden and Steinkjerringa are good walking area and Sirevåg to Brusand are fine beaches to walk on. King 's Road and 10 minutes from us and it's a nice trip.

I have 4 Keeshond , 1 female we got from Marina Eriksson breeder of Keeshond and operates Dungen Kennel in Sweden. May 15, 2011 , I obtained Dungen Kosmic Love " Kossi ".

In august 2012 I got a new Keeshond puppie, Dungens Never Ending Dream " Zanto" 9 weeks old. From Marina Eriksson he has Australian lines so something new :P I saw for the first time Keeshond pictures online in October 2010 and was completely captivated by the breed.

I got a new male puppie december 22, 2013. I went to Gunilla Ottergren who lives in Sweeden and breed Keeshond and operates Catch Driver`s Kennel. This lines are from Canada and England. NO UCH Catch Driver`s Dream Design " Shadow " R.I.P <3 

22 May 2014 C.I.B NORD UCH DKW-13 Dungens Kosmic Love " Kossi " and N UCH NW-11 NJW-11 Infinity`s Living Dream " Peppin " got 7 Puppies. 6 males and 1 bitch.

The Bitch Cosmic Dream`s All Eyes On Me " Khaleesi " i keept :D

In 11 december 2015 i mated MULTI BIS BPIS NORD UCH NO SE DK UCH DKW-13 NW-15 NORDV-14 Dungens Never Ending Dream " Zanto " 4 years old and C.I.B NORD UCH DKW-13 Dungens Kosmic Love " Kossi " they got 3 bitches and 5 males :D I keept Cosmic Dream`s Beyond Expectations " Aquila " :D

I also have breeding rights on a male from this litter Cosmic Dream`s Brilliant Mover " Kazan " 


I`m planning 2 litters one late 2016 and one early 2017 :D 

I only use PHPT negative and x-rayed dogs for breeding. I x-ray at 18 months.

And I do not use our dogs befor they have com to age 18 months old.
Where I focus on healty dogs with good temper.
My dogs live in the house with me.
Kennel Cosmic Dream is an approved breeding in Norwegian.
Kennel Club and FCI! Whow

Thank you for taking the time to stop by my site!

Have a lot more pictures at my facebook site : Inge Kato Våland

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Inge Kato Våland