Dogs equipment

Dogs equipment

Some equipment must be in the house before he makes his entrance . The dog should have its own permanent space available . If one is content with a simple box with a blanket or go to purchasing a dog bed will be a matter of taste . Or a cage / transport box. The important thing is st dog is in a dry, draft-free place. If you choose to buy a dog bed , make sure that it is not too soft, as this provides poor support for a rapidly growing back.

Food and water cup should be of stainless steel, plastic is easy for the dog to chew apart . The cups must be designed so they do not tend to fall over.

Dog grooming is an important detail, and there are numerous different types of brushes , combs , etc. . Talk to your breeder about what is best for your race . A functional claw clipper should be included in the equipment.

Electric blow than should have.

Exhibition bands that fit the breed , around the collar in clay and link at least 1.70 m in clay are good and best for the Keeshond is a nylon harness for the struggle not as the coat. The collar will wear used only for training and minimal.

Something to chew on is a nice diversion and good for your teeth and bite. Best is a real bench noke of cattle, pig ears, pig tail , chew bones of several varieties or dried. But having lots of different toys so he does not let it out on the furniture.

Going to post pictures of the equipment etterkvert


Some of my dogs equipment.

Din overskrift

Hurrta seals and half throttle band. Exhibition Belt and chain. Rental bond.

Din overskrift

Exhibition table and blower I use.