Puppy buyer will get this when he get`s a puppie.

Puppy buyers will get the following with them !

·Registered in NKK.

·Kennel Cosmic Dream contract.

· Make sure that Id-chip and the first vaccine is introduced.

4 times Worm will have the last worm when the puppy is 12 weeks, there maining vaccine last time then.

The health certificate from vet.

·Puppy package with food the first time.

.Puppy pacage from Agria.

·Clawscissors, cam to care of the coat, toys, carpet with odor from the mother and a dog toy.

·Will also get a
memory stick 
with a lot of information and pictures from the puppy's first 8 weeks.

·Your puppy will be bathed and brushed.

·Puppy purchase will also help to advice from us.

Puppies from Kennel Cosmic Dream are raised in our livingroom with lot`s of love. Smiler stort

They have been together with us all the time from where they where born. 

They have been meeting many different people and kids

They have been together with other adult dogs, not just the mother. 

They have been taking trips in our car and been out in the nature.  

We will help you as good as we can you and your puppy all it's life.

What we at Kennel Cosmic Dream`s want of our puppy buyers !Smiler

I would like you to enter a puppy class if this is your first puppy !

 I hope you will show the puppy at least 1 time at a dogshow, we would be glad to help !

The puppy most be ensured before he or she leaves our home !

The puppie must be hip-scored once between age of 18-24 months old !

The puppie must have his elbows checked once between age 18-24 months old !

The puppie goes to only approved good homes !