Your puppy's first weeks

The time before your puppy was your

Your puppy's first weeks

When the puppy is born it is both "deaf " and "blind ", the flounder around and "swim " with legs. Ever instinctively seeks the mother's warmth and life-giving teats . It is entirely dependent on his loving mother, her milk and her licking and washing. A warm and warm puppy crate is also a condition of life the first time. It happens enough that the breeder's helping hand even have to hear that the night watchman in a feline circadian rhythms.

When the puppy is about 10 - 12 days their eyes begin to open. It is also now starting to become aware of sounds - its dark, warm, feed the world becomes a whole new world. The attempt of the first unsteady , shaky steps . It tumbled to the ground - and try again.

It begins to distinguish between available space and place to relieve herself . It begins to play with his siblings and his mother does it all. She also takes an active role in parenting - discipline them and show them his love. From about 3 weeks starting puppies to solid food grows used . Number of meals and amount of food is increased after each , so the puppy when it leaves its first home among breeders about 8 weeks old, will be able to eat different foods. Any responsible breeder will send food list to their buyers !

When the puppy comes to you leave it all that it is aware of his mother - his warmth siblings - her feline familiar voice - his special 
food cup
and her special food. It is very important that you follow food list and the good advice you have received from the breeder. Remember that your world is a whole new world for your little puppy.

Sign up also in the special club for the breed, you will get many useful information through the club's magazine that was sent to club members.