Good eating habits

Good eating habits

Not only will your dog be fed properly, it should also be taught good eating habits . A puppy should have several meals a day, depending on age. Follow the food list from the farmer. If you later, when the dog becomes an adult, choose to give it one or two meals per day. today, is largely a matter of taste . Never let food stand promoting the dog does not eat right away. This means usually that the dog get the habit of going and nibble. Take either the food away and try again after a few hours.

A dog can go without food a day. If one try to lure with treats for the dog to eat, one ends up getting a picky dog who only condescend to eat the very best. Fresh water should always be advancing and feeding should be done at certain times .

We use to allow food to stand ahead in 30 minutes , it is not been eaten up so the dog will wait until the next meal. We run two adult meals morning and evening. Evening they get Vom ( Chicken,cow lam) , oil, etc. . Only dry food in the morning.

We use Orijen and Vom and dog food .( Animal)  In addition, DrBaddakys DogFish Oil. Durings hedding, we use B-vitaminfor Fyra Ess .Not dangerous to give too much for the dog, to mutch and it will come out again:P

Always remember to CLEAN  and give NEW WATER EVERY DAY