Basic education.

Basic education

When now, after careful consideration have decided for a little four-legged friend, remember that it is in an adult dog puppy created.
It takes interest, consistency, patience, understanding and plenty of time, and that is yourself and your family who now have responsibility for the puppy's future.

It's a big transition for a small puppy to be taken away from her mother and siblings and suddenly come to a whole new place. It is therefore extremely important that the puppy gets used to his new home in peace and quiet.
Avoid too much noise, loud voice, and visitors will admire the new puppy the first few days.

Leave the puppy as much as possible to themselves. It will come to you when it even needs it. A little puppy will need plenty of sleep. Never disturb the puppy when it is sleeping. It is important from the first day trying to accustom the puppy to the permanent place you have found it, so that, when it so wishes, can go to bed there.
And then puppy MUST be left in peace to the want of attention.

Misunderstood game from us humans have unfortunately destroyed many a good puppy. Again, the rule that the puppy must get hold their own pace, and when it comes to the game can actually better yourself. Excessive throwing the stick, playing, tug of war battles and little fight involves mainly stressful for the dog.
Most of us have probably experienced dogs that are wild and not to control only the owner takes a stick.

go game toys the dog develops small growl   easy, at first only in play, but this may later be a bad habit. Starts puppy to bark or growl when playing with it you should immediately cancel the game. When humans interfere in playful puppy has all too easy to become stressed and hurried, and our kind of game is often over in little tempt , which are directly harmful to the puppy's temperament. If you watch two dogs playing together, you will quickly discover how completely different the two forms of play is.

If you should be lucky enough to have another dog nearby, it is only an advantage if these can play together.
Instead of playing with the puppy it is better to cuddle and caress it, which puts the puppy so much more appreciated.

It is all too easy to forget that the dog is an animal. We ascribe the often many human qualities and thoughts that the dog did not have. The more we learn about the dog's behavior, ways of speaking and instincts, the better conditions we have to get a healthy and natural dog that easily slips into our everyday lives.